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Helping suppliers to revolutionise the post-booking traveller experience.

Content is king

Differentiating your content in a competitive market can seem a bit like not seeing the wood for the trees. Paxport provides a wide range of supplier content across many different content areas as a key part of our booking and post-booking strategy. We work with key suppliers to ensure the best business model and presentation to drive sales.

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Increase your distribution reach

With a large number of travel brands connected to our aggregation platform, PaxFaB is a great way to get out your content. Our find and book solution has over 220 integrated suppliers including many of the biggest travel brands.

Selection of aggregated data

  • Scheduled airlines
  • Charter airlines
  • Tech providers

  • Care hire
  • Transfers
  • Excursions
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Grow your business

As part of the supplier integration process, we always look to make post-booking capabilities available through PaxShop. Quite simply, we are helping suppliers and travel companies to revolutionise the post-booking traveller experience.

Selection of integrated services

  • Online check-in

  • Seat booking

  • Priority boarding

  • Airport parking
  • Tax-free shopping

  • Tour attractions
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Manage your payments

Pax2Pay is a payment solution offering a single platform linked to multiple virtual payment providers. The new way to manage payments thanks to multi-currency capability, high security, and time-saving reconciliation reporting.

Product highlights

  • One platform
  • Managed cash flow
  • Multiple currencies

  • Simple reconciliation
  • Reduced fraud risk

  • 24/7 funds transfer

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Get inspired


The Modern Traveller

Pinpointing how the travel industry must change if they want to cater the modern traveller. What does a modern traveller look like? What kind of experience does he/she expect?

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