Paxport is delighted to announce that Freebird has released UK routes within PaxFaB. As part of our direct connection to Freebird’s API, Paxport is offering the ability to Search, Cost & Book the Freebird economy ‘EcoBird’ fare. Cached availability of the above content will also be offered for PaxCache customers.

Flight Details

DAY-2 / between 27JUL-26OCT 2021

FHY587 AYT        04:30     LGW      09:05

FHY588 LGW      10:00     AYT        14:10


DAY-2 / between 24MAY-25OCT 2022   

FHY587 AYT        04:30     LGW      09:05

FHY588 LGW      10:00     AYT        14:10

DAY-3 / between 28JUL-27OCT 2021

FHY603 AYT        03:00     MAN      07:45

FHY604 MAN      08:45     AYT        13:15


DAY-3 / between 25MAY-26OCT 2022 

FHY603 AYT        03:00     MAN      07:45

FHY604 MAN      08:45     AYT        13:15

DAY-6 / between 03JUL-30OCT 2021

FHY605 AYT        03:00     MAN      07:45

FHY606 MAN      08:45     AYT        13:15

DAY-6 / between 30APR-29OCT 2022

FHY605 AYT        03:00     MAN      07:45

FHY606 MAN      08:45     AYT        13:15

DAY-7 / between 04JUL-31OCT 2021

FHY587 AYT        15:30     LGW      20:05

FHY588 LGW      21:10     AYT        01:20

DAY-7 / between 01MAY-30OCT 2022

FHY587 AYT        15:30     LGW      20:05

FHY588 LGW      21:10     AYT        01:20

UTC times.

Please note that Ancillaries are not offered via the Freebird API and therefore not offered via our connection. Freebird offers the following ancillary services with competitive prices via their online web page (

  • Seat Selection
  • Hold Baggage Allowance
  • Additional Baggage Allowance
  • Pre order Catering
  • Special Sport Equipment and Pet in Cabin
  • Online Check-In (under development, will be available before the flights)

The content contains only hand (cabin) baggage allowance up to 8 kgs per passenger per one way. Passengers could purchase hold baggage allowance along with other available services from our web page after their booking. Packages which contain rational combination of ancillary services with discounted prices are also available.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our Customer Services team at If you would like to enable Freebird Airlines on your PaxFaB connection, pleasecontact our Customer Services team and they will advise on the next steps.