Paxport is delighted to announce that we have upgraded our Gold Medal PaxFaB API connection.

The new Gold Medal API is powered by OneAir – dnata’s new aviation and sales platform, offers a flight only shopping service that encompasses all the best features and functions from the current Gold Medal and Travel2 APIs. It is built on a scalable cloud platform and is fully compatible with NDC API Standards. 

This connection now allows PaxFaB Customers to Search, Cost & Book all available consolidated fares offered by Gold Medal. This also includes their British Airways NDC offering. All these fares are separated by unique Paxport Supplier Codes. These include:

All consolidated GDS fares – GMG

British Airways Economy Basic – GBE

British Airways Economy Plus/Standard – GBS

British Airways Premium Economy – GBP

British Airways Flexible Economy – GBF

British Airways Business – GBB

British Airways First Class – GB1

The ability to search for published fares, private seat only fares or IT fares is now flexible via configuration which can be applied for your syndicator. If you want to return these fares via your connection then please request this from our Customer Services team.

Payment method:

On account

If you would like to enable Gold Medal on your PaxFaB connection, please sign up via the Gold Medal homepage

If you are an existing customer you can contact our Customer Services team and they will advise on the next steps.

If you are interested in learning more about our PaxFaB aggregation service as a brand new customer then please contact our sales team at for more information.