Paxport is delighted to announce a brand new partnership with Emirates.

Our exciting new partnership with Emirates allows Paxport to offer a direct connection to their NDC API. This connection allows Paxport to Search, Cost & Book all available Emirates fares. Each of the Emirates branded fares are separated by unique Paxport Supplier Codes per class. These include:


  • Emirates Economy Special – EKE
  • Emirates Economy Saver – EKS
  • Emirates Economy Flex – EKF
  • Emirates Economy Flex Plus – EKP 


  • Emirates Business Special – EKB
  • Emirates Business Saver – EK3
  • Emirates Business Flex – EK4
  • Emirates Business Flex Plus – EK5


  • Emirates First Flex – EK1
  • Emirates First Flex Plus – EK2

Please note Premium economy fares are not available via the API. 

Emirates do not offer Seat purchasing or Additional Baggage purchases as upsells during the standard booking flow. These can only be added after tickets have been booked. We do not currently offer these ancillary services as part of our initial implementation. We will endeavour to include these services at a later date as part of Post Booking functionality.


Any Post Booking servicing can be managed using Spark. Access will be provided by Emirates once credentials have been approved by the airline.

Held ticketing is available to agents via our API. Please note all ticketing will need to be managed via Spark.

Private Fares & Negotiated Fares are filed against individual customers PCC’s and will return based on your Syndicator set up/PaxFaB request. An agreement with the Airline will need to be agreed as part of your credentials set up with the Airline.

IATA EasyPay & BSP ‘On Account’ payment are the only methods available currently via our connection. Please note in order to utilise IATA EasyPay via our connection you will need to pass the EasyPay payment details through PaxFaB via your own connection with EasyPay during the booking process.


If you are interested in enabling Emirates via PaxFaB then please fill out the new partner application here.

Once this is requested and agreement is in place please raise a ticket with our Customer Service team providing any information from Emirates. Our team will help fill out the ADO form with you to request credential set up. Please also state if you will require Spark access.

If you are interested in learning more about our PaxFaB aggregation service as a brand new customer then please contact our sales team at for more information.