Paxport is delighted to announce its brand new partnership with Condor.

Our exciting new partnership with Condor allows Paxport to offer a direct connection to their NDC API. Each of the Condor branded fares are separated by unique Paxport Supplier Codes per class. These include:

  • DEL – Economy Light
  • DEE – Economy
  • DEG – Economy Best
  • DEP – Premium
  • DEB – Business
  • DET – Economy Tour Operator Fare
  • DEU – Premium Tour Operator Fare
  • DEV – Business Tour Operator Fare
  • DEX – Economy Best Tour Operator Fare
  • DEF – Economy Flex
  • DE2 – Premium Flex
  • DE3 – Business Flex

This connection will also offer the ability to add extra bags, sports equipment, meals and seats depending on availability and route selected. 

Payment method:

  • On Account and virtual card

If you would like to enable Condor on your PaxFaB connection, please contact Condor’s Sales team by emailing and they will advise on the next steps. Once all is agreed and you have been provided with an agency number please raise a ticket with our Customer Services team to be set up. 

If you are interested in learning more about our PaxFaB aggregation service as a brand new customer then please contact our sales team at for more information.