Paxport is delighted to announce the upgrade of our Freebird Airlines PaxFaB, which is now using the airlines brand new NDC connection.

Our connectivity will maintain previous functionality, offering the bagless fare (now re-branded as ‘EasyBird’) under our FHE PaxFaB Supplier Code. Please note the Freebird ‘EasyBird’ bagless fare only includes a 8kg Cabin Bag per passenger.

Cached availability of the bagless fare will also be offered for PaxCache customers.

We will also be offering the inclusive ‘EcoBird’ fare under our FHO PaxFaB Supplier Code. Please note the ‘EcoBird’ fare includes a 8kg Cabin bag and a 20kg Hold bag per Passenger.

Card Payment & Agent Credit

Whilst not immediately available, we will shortly be announcing the addition of Ancillaries, Seat Selection and Freebird Airlines’ other fares ‘SmartBird’ & ‘PremiumBird’. Until we have released this functionality all servicing will have to be maintained via the Freebird Airlines website.

For any PaxFaB customers who have previously booked with Freebird via PaxFaB they will automatically be migrated to the new API and have FHE added by default.

Should you want to add FHO then please raise a ticket with our support desk to add this to your syndicator. PaxFaB Customers who have not currently made a booking with Freebird, but are interested in booking with Freebird Airlines then please contact our Customer Services team and they will advise on the next steps.