Paxport is pleased to announce its IATA NDC Level 3 Certification following successful work with a number of airline NDC API integrations. Having been an IATA Strategic Partner for a number of years, Paxport champions the principles of IATA NDC and the benefits that NDC can bring to our customers.

With Paxport’s focus on connecting content from across the travel chain from traditional booking source content such as flight and accommodation to our strategic focus on ancillaries and the introduction of much more value-added ancillary content, the adoption by airlines of the NDC standard allows us to connect these airlines to our customers using new distribution methods, and to offer rich content throughout the booking and post-booking journey.

Whilst the accreditation is an extremely important landmark it is only part of the story. With airline business performance frequently under the spotlight due to fluctuating costs and commoditised fares being passed to travellers, NDC is a retail enabler that Paxport is uniquely able to support both for airlines and for travel resellers looking to take advantage of the ancillary upsell capabilities that NDC provides.

The benefits of NDC capability spread beyond distribution and ancillary enablement. We see great opportunity to change the incumbent payment process model to take advantage of virtual card payments, and to leverage the functionality of NDC to ensure that travellers are presented with personalised recommendations at the best time to drive purchase conversion. This approach, in a travel reseller centric model like ours, allows Paxport to support all parts of the travel value chain in driving adoption, revenue uplift and brand loyalty.

“We are delighted to have been awarded NDC Certification Level 3 Status. As well as proving our capabilities in connecting new sources of content and allowing us to introduce new supplier content to our systems (often with better fares than those available through traditional distribution channels), we champion the use of NDC in allowing airlines to retail more of their content through the travel reseller channel. Where no frill carriers have traditionally set the mark in ancillary sales, our strategic focus on ancillaries as key revenue and loyalty enablers for travel resellers allows NDC connected airlines to follow. Our market leading solutions PaxFab and PaxShop both benefit from this milestone achievement.”

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