Transform your travel payments in a secure and fast way with Pax2Pay.

Think card payment, think PaxPay!

Payment is a critical component to delivering an effective distribution process and booking channel. Pax2Pay offers a platform linked to multiple key virtual payment providers. Multiple currencies and high security – the new way to manage the payments.

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Simplified reconciliation

A payment service provided by Paxport, Pax2Pay makes it easy to reconcile bank accounts and card statements, with several reporting tools available.

We are offering a web-based management tools with manual and automated payments, making life so much easier for your finance team.

Highly secure

Security and convenience comes first. With Pax2Pay you get a robust and secure payments solution built on new and exciting technology.

How is this possible? A virtual card is only valid for a unique transaction, hence eliminating the risk of fraud and cards being compromised.

Increased revenue

The solution has been specifically developed for the travel industry and its challenges. Take part of attractive rebates and avoid the high costs of international transfers.

Pax2Pay offers great tools to manage the cash flow, with 24×7 realtime ability to transfer money. This also provides you with an additional revenue stream.

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The Modern Traveller

Pinpointing how the travel industry must change if they want to cater the modern traveller. What does a modern traveller look like? What kind of experience does he/she expect?

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