PaxCache increases your conversion rate with faster and more accurate data.

Fast caching = more money

Fast data access is an absolute necessity for today’s users. Optimising the way that travel content is stored and searched and producing information to users quickly, can ultimately lead to improved sales conversions and increased revenue.

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Intelligent searching

With PaxCache, you will obtain insights into future travel trends and pricing patterns. Get more strategic predictions in consumer buying behaviour.

You are in complete control over your packaging. By using a range of business and pricing rules, PaxCache allows you to tailor the way in which content is packaged.

Unrestricted search results

Thanks to the state of the art caching technology, PaxCache is capable of delivering wide search results with accurate pricing and enriched data.

Our solution is dynamic, responding to the volume of searches performed and increasing its update frequency as price differences are detected.

Response time improvements

By caching data locally and serving it immediately, you will get fast and accurate lead in prices while increasing your conversion rates by up to 80%.

PaxCache offers you high speed import and data accuracy with wider combinations frequently updated 24/7. It can be fully integrated into PaxFab or used as a separate product.

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The Modern Traveller

Pinpointing how the travel industry must change if they want to cater the modern traveller. What does a modern traveller look like? What kind of experience does he/she expect?

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