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PaxFaB provides a wide range of travel content including flight, accommodation, packages and ancillaries. The combination of integrated suppliers and product choice ensures that you will be able to offer your customers exactly what they are looking for at the right time.

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Increased revenue and customer retention

PaxFaB handles over 12 million searches per day. The large search volumes have a significant positive impact on the accuracy of prices returned by the system which directly translates into customer confidence, driving conversions and customer retention.

Combine with cache solution for accurate and enriched data

Our Cache solution PaxCache is capable of delivering wide search results with accurate pricing and enriched data and can be fully integrated with PaxFaB. The state of the art caching used within PaxCache is dynamic, responding to the volume of searches performed and increasing its update frequency as price differences are detected between search results and costing.

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Flights were returning up to 8 times faster

Mercury Holidays is one of the largest independent tour operators in the UK. Thanks to Paxport, Mercury Holiday’s website is now eight times faster!

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