Smart and efficient airline passenger management system.

Save cost and eliminate errors

A whole new world of possibilities opens up if you let go of inefficient administrative processes and leave them to the experts, meaning that you no longer have a limit on what can be done. More processes than you might think can be automated and we have years of experience.

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Less hassle, more business

PaxManagement collects and consolidates data from airlines, tour operators, travel agents, airports, and authorities and distributes it dynamically to the concerned parties.

We manage all operational communication with DCS’ and handling agents, including technical interfaces according to industry standards.

PaxShop integration

To optimise the solution, PaxManagement can easily be connected with our personalised merchandising platform PaxShop.

This will generate new revenue streams for your business through the professional selling of ancillaries, and becoming a net revenue contributor.

We solve all PNRGOV requirements

Paxport helps airline carriers to handle the PNRGOV requirements.

We collects the relevant booking data and the updates from the DCS and send the PNRGOV information to the relevant authorities in the correct time, in the format and method that is required.

Outstanding support

Service and support is in Paxport’s DNA. With our PaxManagement solution you can expect a robust and expedient outsourced service.

Paxport’s support team manages all daily operational communications on a 24/7 basis, which means that
you can just sit back and relax!

Customer case – Novair

Novair is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apollo, which is Sweden’s third largest tour operator. The demand for flexible passenger data management is high and finding a flexible solution that could help Novair with their passenger data management was a key priority already from the beginning.

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