PaxShop strengthens your brand and boosts your ancillary revenue.

Think like a retailer

In today’s competitive world, ancillary revenues can and should be a critical revenue stream for your business. PaxShop is our merchandising platform that makes post-booking ancillary sales more efficient, offering a wide range of services at the right time in order to increase conversions and generate additional revenue

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Boost sales

PaxShop has a proven track record of increasing our customers conversion rate with 40% and helping them reach average order values of €70.

Our product makes post-booking ancillary sales more efficient, dynamic and user-friendly, and optimised to generate revenue from both flight and non flight ancillaries.

Seamless and easy to use

Your fully branded PaxShop will provide your customers with a seamless post booking travel experience offering a wide range of ancillary products and services. Including seat selection, check in, baggage, car rentals, lounges and many more.

Choose between PaxShop Go, an easy to implement plug-in solution, or PaxShop Plus which connects directly to third party systems including Amadeus Altéa, Navitaire and Atcore

Improve and grow

PaxShop measures and analyses how your customers navigate the web shop, where they convert, how they scroll and where they drop off.

With our e-commerce techniques we can move conversions to 20% plus, and improve your conversions from both direct and indirect booking channels.

Customer case – DAT

Danish Air Transport has served the Nordic airspace for 30 years. With a big number of passengers and several business areas, they are highly dependent on system integration and data migration. Thanks to Paxport, DAT was able to get rid of manual processes and accelerate their growth.

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