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Earn an extra 10 EUR per passenger

Post-booking ancillary sales should be a critical revenue stream for your business. PaxShop is our merchandising platform that makes ancillary sales more efficient in order to increase conversions and generate additional revenue with up to 10 EUR per pax.

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Commission-based solution with guaranteed revenue

PaxShop has a proven track record of increasing our customer’s conversion rate with 40% and helping them reach average order values of €70.

Our solution makes post-booking ancillary sales more efficient, dynamic and user-friendly and optimised to generate revenue from both flight and non-flight ancillaries.

Ancillary content

Your fully branded PaxShop will provide your customers with a seamless post-booking travel experience offering a wide range of both flight and non-flight ancillary products and services.

Current ancillaries:

  • Seating services

  • Sport equipment

  • Bags

  • Preorder Meals

  • Preorder Duty-Free

  • Fast Track services

  • Celebration

  • Online check in

  • Pets in cabin services

  • Baggage insurance

In production ancillaries:

  • Air shells

  • Lounges

  • Activities

  • Car Hire

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Let our experts do the work

Sit back and relax while our experts do the work. By analyzing how your customers navigate your PaxShop, where they convert, how they scroll and where they drop off, we can improve your conversions from both direct and indirect booking channels.

Let us help you grow and improve! Our team of E-commerce specialists will optimise marketing (where relevant), review conversions and provide analytical reports to optimise the ancillary content in the PaxShop.

Customer case – DAT

Danish Air Transport has served the Nordic airspace for 30 years. With a big number of passengers and several business areas, they are highly dependent on system integration and data migration. Thanks to Paxport, DAT was able to get rid of manual processes and accelerate their growth.

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